Civilian Communications Operator

POSITION DESCRIPTION COUNTY OF MADISON, INDIANA POSITION: Civilian Communications Operator DEPARTMENT: Madison County Central Dispatch WORK SCHEDULE: As Assigned JOB CATEGORY: COMOT (Computer Office Machine Operation Technician) DATE WRITTEN: September 1985 STATUS: Full-time/Part-Time DATE REVISED: November 2018 FLSA Status: Non-Exempt To perform this position successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty… Continue reading Civilian Communications Operator

Correctional Officer

June 18, 2020 DEPARTMENT: Madison County Community Justice Center/Work Release POSITION: Correctional Officer STATUS: Part-Time FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt JOB CATEGORY: POLE (Protective Occupational & Law Enforcement) WORK SCHEDULE: Work hours will vary due to need of 24 hour, 7 days a week facility JOB DESCRIPTION (Summary) 1. Ability to have direct interaction with program participants… Continue reading Correctional Officer

Commissioner’s Meeting 16 2010

Commissioners met on this day with the following members present: Paul Wilson, Jeff Hardin and John Richwine. Also present were County Attorney Jerry Shine, County Auditor Kathy Stoops-Wright, Deputy Auditor Jane Lyons and Commissioners Office Manager Linda Smith. IN THE MATTER OF ORDINANCE NO 2010-BC-0-06, ORDINANCE AMENDING THE OFFICIAL ZONE MAP AS TO CERTAIN REAL… Continue reading Commissioner’s Meeting 16 2010

Sheriff Sale for 3/20/2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

ALLENDER, REBECCA 2103 JACKSON LN, ANDERSON $77,559.34 48C06-1909-MF-221 BRANDEN, GEORGE 910 HERITAGE LN, ANDERSON $93,845.88 48C01-1910-MF-235 CALLAIS, JAMIE 8350 S 600 W, PENDLETON 109,750.45 48C06-1811-MF-302 CLARK, JEAN 108 MAGNOLIA DR, ANDERSON 68,826.07 48C06-1906-MF-222 COOK, ARA 1613 LINDBERG RD, ANDERSON $64,591.27 48C01-1910-MF-234 FARMER, MARGARET 2526 THAYER CT, ANDERSON 65,583.35 48C06-1910-MF-237 *Canceled* FISHER, JOSEPH 414 E 31ST… Continue reading Sheriff Sale for 3/20/2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

Sheriff Sale 6/26/2020

APANAVICIUS, JOHN 2613 Crystal St, Anderson $30,823.21 48C01-1907-MF-163 **Canceled** CALLAIS, JAMIE 8350 S 600 W, PENDLETON 109,750.45 48C03-1811-MF-302 CRONK, SANDRA 1235 Indiana Ave, Anderson $37,043.13 48C01-1912-MF-293 **Canceled** DAVIS, FREDDIE 1608 Halford St, Anderson 67,693.09 48C06-1912-MF-288 FARMER, MARGARET 2526 THAYER CT, ANDERSON $65,583.35 48C06-1910-MF-237 **Canceled** GRIDER, JORDAN 2130 McKinley St, Anderson 33,042.09 48C01-1912-MF-286 GULLION, JEFFREY 184… Continue reading Sheriff Sale 6/26/2020

Sheriff Sale 4/24/2020

**CANCELLED** Adams, Earl 6114 W State Rd 132, Pendleton 112,235.80 48C06-1907-MF-170 **CANCELLED** Carter, Ronald M 2027 Alexandria Pike, Anderson 98,171.93 48C03-19011-MF-277 **CANCELLED** Cremeans, Brandon 1213 Clinton Ave, Alexandria 63,296.76 48C06-19011-MF-273 **CANCELLED** Fish, Lisa 716 Dr. MLK Jr Blvd, Anderson 12,423.67 48C06-1910-MF-243 **CANCELLED** Foor, Vanessa 1504 S L, Elwood 96,617.23 48C01-1911-MF-271 **CANCELLED** Grady, Mary Frances 1901… Continue reading Sheriff Sale 4/24/2020

Sheriff Sale 2/21/2020

BAILEY, JEFFREY 2610 W 25TH ST, ANDERSON 76,567.16 48C06-1906-MF-155 BRADY, BARBARA 7315 W REFORMATORY RD, FORTVILLE 40,423.82 48C01-1811-MF-307 DAVIDSON, JODY 802 W 9TH ST, ANDERSON 51,855.46 48C01-1905-MF-115 DEARING, ROBIN 705 RUSTIC RD, ANDERSON 61,297.06 48C06-1906-MF-156 ENGLISH, BOBBIE 1513 ORCHARD LN, ANDERSON 77,696.17 48C06-1908-MF-200 JOHNSON, MARK 7316 S WOODROW DR, PENDLETON 90,162.12 48C01-1909-MF-209 KOWELL, BARBARA 287… Continue reading Sheriff Sale 2/21/2020